Mother Mode


A while ago I thought that if there was a costume designer that made outfits for hero’s, there must be a costume designer out there that made outfits for villains. This thought came obviously after watching an animated film made by a certain lamp company.

I thought this costume designer for villains would have to be naturally more sassy than the original costume design character, have an esthetician view on design, be wiser and a BIG believer in CAPES!

The only person I could think to be the perfect fit for this role was the original costume designers mother (she doesn’t exsist, I hope)!

I looked at the original character and worked from there, looking at what the mothers age could be, how much wrinkles she would (if any), different eyewear and hairstyles, acceraries & colour schemes.

My reference for the design was heavily influenced by a very cool lady on Instagram @accidentalicon and past Japanese fashion trends.

All images were drawn on the iPad Pro with the Procreate App.