Ibrahim Khan

Sketch Artist

Designs characters and props for children’s TV shows, commercials and mobile apps.

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Ibrahim was born in the UK to both Bangladeshi parents, from an early age he was designing, creating and problem-solving to find appealing designs within shapes and objects.

After having an unsuccessful time at school, he knew that Design in animation was where his heart wanted to be.

He had 4 successful years at College studying Art & Design where he matured and gathered a deeper understanding of great artists and designers in the past while making friends with current artists in the art world.

Finally, he enrolled to the Animation Production course at Arts University Bournemouth (Arts Institute of Bournemouth), where he met people with all the same aspiration and ambitions to design and make animated films and shorts.

After graduating, he did odd jobs and continued to pursue his career in design in animation by taking online classes at CGMA under the tutelage of Nate Wragg (Pixar/ Dreamworks Art Director) and self-taught classes at Schoolism.

He’s now working with studios, on his own personal projects and always looking for new opportunities designing characters and props with appeal and emphasis from the audience.


Sixteen South British Legion Kellogg's


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